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Josie Browne 's Legacy

Josie Browne was born in Salford in 1942 and served Salford for many years.


She worked with individuals, groups and organisations to make Salford a better place.

Part of her legacy lives on in the work that she did with:




Senior Group Toasting Drinks
Support Help Collaborate Community Together Concept
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Salford Disability Forum was founded in 2006 by the community network and has been operating in the city, providing support to disabled people, their families and carers.


We support disabled people and we are also disabled people and therefore have a better understanding to a greater extent the situation that you might be facing.


Two years after set up, the first elections were held for officers and Josie Browne was elected as Chair. The Forum was supported initially by Community Network monies and then from various other organisations e.g. Big Lottery Fund, Cabinet Office, Community Committees, Lloyds TSB, NHS Salford, Salford City Council, Salford Strategic Partnership, Mark Master Masons of East Lancashire, Paul Tyler Taxis, Salford Multiple Sclerosis Society, Small Travel Grants and many others.


The Management Committee has worked hard over the years to keep Salford Disability Forum moving forward.


We work with many partners to develop the Forum's Business Plan and this has been implemented and developed throughout the years. 


100% of our workforce are volunteers with a true passion for what they do. We work to create a better future for disabled people, their families and friends, by giving them a voice in local issues that affect not only their benefits but also their well-being.


We promote independent living and inclusion and engagement in the city. People are then able to control their lives, giving them the stability needed to lead a decent and confident future.

Salford Disability Forum also organise group meeting and activities to discuss issues that affect disabled people. Fighting discrimination is at the heart of our activities.


Through Open Forums we encourage debate and the sharing of information on subjects chosen by our members. These subjects have included the Mental Capacity Bill, the New Health and Social Care Centres in Salford and the Disability Discrimination Act, Equality Act, Devo Manchester, integration of Health & Social care, etc.


Change is a slow process but we are very determined.


We ran training sessions to enable the general public. For instance, we ran a course for taxi drivers and bus drivers to help them to be more aware of the needs of disabled people.


We have also ran a Deaf Awareness programme for front line staff working for voluntary and statutory organisations. This included the essential information required to gain a better understanding of how to communicate with the deaf community effectively.

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